Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate is a big personality chocolate brand who needed help communicating that online. Each of their bars has a distinct personality which is created from the ingredients themselves. Ready to translate that on their website and social channels, you do what you have to do, test them all and get to work.
Through the lens of '100% Natural'; we created the visual world, crafted cheeky messages for web + social and partnered with SpringSummer to bring it to life.
Role: Concept / Art Direction 
Creatives: Kelsey Svensson & Merete Busk (UtheU)
Programming: Spring/Summer

Unwrapping the webshop

We took the chocolate bars and placed them center stage. You can unwrap each bar, take a bite of it, even (almost) have a conversation with it.


FWA site of the year (2017). 

The visual world 

The ingredients were split into 3 categories: big ingredients (usually coconut, mango or corn): small ingredients (all berries, caramel or almonds), and tiny ingredients (sprinkles of white, milk and dark chocolate).