The world's first AI bartender: Meet Barbot

Smirnoff has thousands of recipes online yet hardly anybody knows that. So, when Facebook started to roll out AI bots, we launched the world's first AI bartender. 
Meet Barbot, a cheeky chatbot that recommends and delivers drinks for whoever (is 21+), whenever. We designed a personality, kept it fun with GIF's and emojis, and worked hundreds of recipes into the conversation. We focused on recipes based on ingredients you'd find at home and even added a drinks randomizer for the more indecisive cocktail connoisseur.
As a shoutout to homebodies everywhere, we partnered with courier Drizly, to make ordering the necessary ingredients as simple as sending a text. 
Role: Concept / Creative 
Creative Director: Wei Wei Dong, Matthew Carey
Creatives: Kelsey Svensson & Oliver Gormsen

But first, we needed to design a personality.

Use of conversational language was key. We set out to make it feel as if our fans were texting a friend, not a branded AI bot, so we evolved Smirnoffs tone of voice and leaned into internet lingo.

Then, we kept it simple.

You just say hi. Promise you’re 21+ and then you’re in. It’s as easy as sending a text. Our feature set includes three user flows:
  • Where to Buy & order for delivery via Drizly
  • Search by Occasion, Ingredient, Taste, Product 
  • Surprise Me feature serves up random recipes 

Recipes and drinks on demand.

Through the use of text or emojis, users can search to find recipes based on their plans, mood or ingredients. 

Keeping it light.

The internet can be unpredictable, so we created a ton of blooper language made to embrace backend glitches and trolls alike. 

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