A campaign about thanking houseplants. In other words, a plant lady's dream. 

Houseplants do so much for us. Some make our tiny apartments feel like home and help us reconnect with nature, while others refuse to cooperate no matter what you do. But regardless, it was time to say thanks, plants. I mean, they (literally) make our world go round.
To promote plants across Europe we highlighted their benefits across social and outdoor in 7 markets.  We developed an aspirational plant dream world, collaborating with photographer Sophie Van der Perre to bring it to life. The only thing better than capturing thousands of plants is getting to take some home with you.
Role: Concept / Creative 
Creatives: Kelsey Svensson & Ross Weaver
Photographer: Sophie Van der Perre

Digital Out of Home

City dwellers across Europe were targeted with vibrant visuals and benefit-focused messaging.

From Sweden to France, people everywhere were encouraged to thank plants.